Deontik is building a portfolio of products that reflect our expertise and complement our services. Our products facilitate the construction of enterprise solutions reflecting the needs of your people, policy and processes. They are also suitable for embedding in other targetted products. Please contact us to discuss license terms.


EventSwarm is a lean, embeddable real-time analytics framework. It processes data streams as-they-flow to identify business opportunities and threats—this is achieved through real-time trend analysis, syndromic surveillance and other rule-driven techniques. Applications of the framework have included stock market analytics, health data quality monitoring and social media correlation.[more]

Note 8 Monitoring

In 2013, the ASX updated their continuous disclosure guidance to indicate that listed companies should monitor both mainstream and social media for leaks, rumours and other misinformation that could significantly affect the company share price. This update was named Guidance Note 8. Deontik developed a cloud service based on EventSwarm to monitor mainstream and social media, and assist listed companies in meeting their continuous disclosure obligations. The ASX subsequently updated their guidance to limit compliance obligations on companies and our Note8 application no longer operates.