The development of systems supporting enterprise computing spans a broad spectrum of activities within an organisation. This spectrum is reflected in our services:

Real-time Analytics Solutions

A Deontik specialty is the development of real-time analytics and intelligent monitoring solutions using our EventSwarm framework. We can create demonstrable, proof-of-concept solutions in 2 weeks, and develop fully-fledged production applications with similar efficiency.[more]

Architecture Assurance

Deontik has extensive experience in the development and review of software architectures. We can apply this experience in auditing your software projects to assess risk, suggest improvements, identify compliance issues and measure progress against maturity and performance objectives. [more]

eHealth Solutions

Deontik has extensive experience in developing or guiding the development of eHealth solutions, with specific expertise in eHealth standards, national infrastructure and real-time analytics. We can apply our experience to build or guide your team in building eHealth solutions. [more]

Advanced Architecture Development

Deontik specialises in advanced, scalable architectures for enterprise distributed computing. We can assist you in the application of model-driven, service-oriented and event-driven architectures. [more]

Policy and Process Development

Deontik can facilitate the development and documentation of business policies and processes within your organisation. This provides the basis for alignment of business with IT strategy and resources. [more]

Interoperability and Integration Planning

Deontik has internationally recognised expertise in cross-organisational systems. Deontik can refine your interoperability plans and ensure that partner interactions are smooth and trouble-free. [more]


Deontik has a history of contributions and experience in commercial and academic research. We can use this experience to assist you in realising research and development outcomes. [more]

Training and Mentoring

The Deontik philosophy is that organisations should become self sufficient in their application of technology. We can deliver training and provide ongoing mentoring in our areas of expertise. [more]