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The Standard has published an article reporting various research and commercial efforts to use mobile phones for both organising health consultations (e.g. referrals) and collection of data.

EDOC 2009 goes to New Zealand

December 5th, 2008

EDOC09 will be held in Auckland, New Zealand, 31 August to 4 September 2009. EDOC conferences address the full range of engineering technologies and methods contributing to intra- and inter-enterprise distributed application systems.

It is interesting to see that key ideas, principles and approaches from the Interoperability Framework developed for eHealth industry in Australia (i.e. by National E-Health Transition Authority) have provided input into the long term interoperability efforts within the US Department of Energy, in their GridWise Interoperability Context-Setting Framework.

A recent article published on Datamation discusses an ongoing court battle in the USA. An appeal associated with the case has tested the validity of an open source license and found it to be valid.

MacRumors reports that Apple are dropping the highly-restrictive NDA associated with developing iPhone apps.

A recent article by Jennifer Granick, Executive Director of the Stanford Law School, highlights two recent US court cases where the terms of End User License Agreements have been overturned. This follows similar findings by European courts.
It is encouraging to see this development towards giving more power to users when facing long and complex end-user [...]

IBM are reconsidering their participation in the creation of ISO standards, citing opaque processes and the decision on the Microsoft-sponsored Open XML standard as primary issues.

I wrote last week about a disgruntled developer who bypassed the Apple iPhone app store. This week they have not only shut down that avenue but also extended the developer non-disclosure agreement to cover rejection letters from the app store.
Much as we like our iPhones, I think Apple are headed for trouble here.

NEHTA appoints new CEO

September 16th, 2008

The Australian National E-health Transition Authority (NEHTA) has appointed Peter Fleming as its new CEO following the departure of Ian Reinecke in March this year.

A disgruntled developer whose app was rejected by the Apple App Store has found a legal way to distribute his application without jailbreaking the iPhone.

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