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New Book on RM-ODP

November 24th, 2012

Zoran has co-authored new book on RM-ODP in order to offer a gentle pathway to the essential ideas that constitute ODP and show how these ideas can be applied when designing and building challenging systems while keeping their evolution in mind. Building Enterprise Systems with ODP: An Introduction to Open Distributed Processing:

  • - Offers a concise, focused presentation of the essentials of RM-ODP and where it fits within today‚Äôs software processes
  • - Explains all the major concepts and mechanisms of the ODP framework
  • - Explores the latest developments in the ISO ODP standards
  • - Uses the widely adopted UML notation for modeling large open distributed systems using the ODP concepts
  • - Describes interoperability frameworks applicable to both government and industry sectors
  • - Presents a case study of a realistic IT system that illustrates the possibilities and advantages of the ODP approach
  • - Includes questions and practical exercises
  • - Provides complete UML models and more on a supporting website

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