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Deontik is pleased to announce the availability of our contract lifecycle templates. These process and business rule templates provide a basis for definition of your contract management lifecycle processes and business rules in a clear, consistent and cohesive manner.

A recent article published on Datamation discusses an ongoing court battle in the USA. An appeal associated with the case has tested the validity of an open source license and found it to be valid.

MacRumors reports that Apple are dropping the highly-restrictive NDA associated with developing iPhone apps.

A recent article by Jennifer Granick, Executive Director of the Stanford Law School, highlights two recent US court cases where the terms of End User License Agreements have been overturned. This follows similar findings by European courts.
It is encouraging to see this development towards giving more power to users when facing long and complex end-user [...]

A disgruntled developer whose app was rejected by the Apple App Store has found a legal way to distribute his application without jailbreaking the iPhone.

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