Deontik actively participates in commercial and academic research giving us visibility beyond the corporate horizon. We can assist with envisioning your future ICT capabilities. Specialties include:

  • Digital contracts and B2B
  • Blockchain and distributed ledgers
  • Digital health
  • Real-time analytics and machine learning
  • Privacy and ethics analysis and design
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Look beyond
the horizon

Make complex

Deontik has extensive experience in enterprise modelling, ethics analysis, enterprise architecture, interoperability analysis and ICT maturity assessment. These tools allow you to capture the complexities of your organisation, ICT services and information assets in a clear, concise and approachable manner.

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Harvest research

Deontik maintains strong relationships with academia through active participation in research communities. We can assist you to leverage research outcomes, establish the credibility of your R&D programs, facilitate collaborative projects and build productive relationships with outstanding academics. Our research specialties include:

  • Enterprise modelling
  • Digital contracts, business processes and compliance
  • Digital health design and implementation
  • Distributed computing
  • Complex, real-time event processing
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and activities


is a boutique consultancy founded in 2004. The business was built upon a productive collaboration between Zoran Milosevic and Andrew Berry first established at DSTC, leveraging their complementary research and commercial experience.

Our name refers to a logic of permissions, prohibitions and obligations developed by philosopher Ernst Mally, also known as deontic logic. We use this logic extensively in our research and in the specification of policies and contracts. The term is derived from the Greek word deon meaning duty or obligation.

Zoran Milosevic

Zoran is Deontik's principal consultant and an internationally recognized authority on enterprise modelling and architecture, digital contracts and digital health, with a recent focus on AI, privacy and ethics. He has provided valued advice to executives and senior management in a range of organisations and sectors.

Zoran was member of HL7 International Architecture Board for 10 years and is the founder of the renowned EDOC (Enterprise Design, Operations and Computing) conference series. He co-authored Building Enterprise Systems with ODP, a reference book for practitioners involved in designing and building widely distributed, interoperable and evolvable systems.